About Us

Michael Sciarabba Michael Sciarabba: Michael began plumbing in 1985. After the Northridge Earthquake of 1994 he realized that there was a need in the San Fernando Valley for more honest plumbers. He knew that only by opening his own business would he be able to provide the service he felt his customers deserve. So, he passed his California Contractor's License Boards based on the UPC and opened under the name Michael Sciarabba Plumbing. Since he was born and raised in the Valley, there was no need to advertise. All of his customers came through referrals.

In 2006 after agonizing about leaving his current customers, Michael and Julie decided to relocate to Evergreen, CO. Again, it seemed the best way to provide the quality of service Michael requires was to open his own business. He passed the Colorado Master Plumber's License Exam based on the IPC and in November 2006 he opened Bear Creek Plumbing, Inc.

Michael is an avid fly fisherman and is a member of Trout Unlimited in Evergreen.

Julie Sciarabba

Julie Sciarabba: Julie has been employed as a General Manager of an electronics firm for the past 20 years. She brings her experience in customer service, purchasing, and book keeping to Bear Creek Plumbing, Inc. If Julie is not in the office answering your calls, she is likely on a field trip or volunteering at a child's school.


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